About Us

Although I have made many things in my shop over the years, my passion is woodturning. I have made over 2000 bowls, platters and hollow forms in the last ten years and sold them to people all over the world including Europe, Asia, Australia, Israel, the Caribbean, South America, Mexico, Canada and the US.

Most of the wood I use is sourced locally from trees that fell down during a storm or were removed for one reason or another.  I buy some of them, others are given to me in exchange for a bowl and some are free if I come get them.  People always ask me what my favorite wood is but I can’t say I have a favorite.  The more figure and color, the better I like it.  I really like burls for that reason. 

I use only natural oil finishes.  More than half of the time it takes me to make a bowl is spent sanding it.  I am known for my finish.  My bowls have a rich patina that comes from sanding and polishing the oil.  All of my bowls and platters have a food safe finish.

My wife Pennie spends most of her free time with our four kids, their wives and husbands and our eight grandchildren but still finds time to help in the shop.  Her main jobs these days are keeping my shop organized, an impossible task, and finish sanding puzzles and cutting boards.  She helped me build the shop and did most of the work on the walls, insulation and wood racks in the new addition.

My new Great Dane puppy, Oscar, our sixth Great Dane, is becoming a shop dog.  He goes everywhere with me.  He especially likes riding in the truck with his head out the window.  Here he is patiently waiting for me to go to the shop.